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SatStat® has a proven history of exceeding mining regulations

 Purposely built for maximum efficiency and minimal environmental risk.

As the original manufacturer of SatStat Fuel/Lubricant Storage and Handling Systems, we have a 17-year proven track record. Rapid implementation, nominal engineering costs and increased productivity at the face all combine to provide a rugged, portable solution to maximize uptime underground.

It just makes sense to have it onsite.


  • Sub1 Single fuel bladder
  • Sub2Dual fuel bladder
  • Sub3Dual oil cubes
  • Sub5Single oil and oil pail skid
  • Sub6Oil pail storage

Available options

  •  Filtration system
  •  Fast fueling
  •  Duel dispensing
  •  Instrumentation
  •  Lifting lugs
  •  Motor starter panels
  •  Electric or pneumatic pumps
  •  Batch fill system from surface
  •  Transfer fill kits


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